Social Media Management

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GCI MEDIA Social Media Management

Social Media Management for Business's, Brands.


Benefits for your brand | STARTS AT $249 P/W

  • Develop innovative, risk-taking social campaigns
  • Create visually appealing, multimedia content
  • Consider every aesthetic detail of a social post, from images to links to formatting of copy
  • Lead productive brainstorms that bring our teammates’ best ideas
  • Hone and expand your brand’s voice and persona

Data analysis

Understanding both quantitative & qualitative data

Those of us who have been working in social for awhile might be wary of qualitative data—back in the wild west days of social, it was so crucial to be able to present accurate, quantitative data to provide the value of your efforts that qualitative data was often pushed to the side.

Today, with the growing importance of social listening, it’s important to develop both quantitative and qualitative data analysis skills in order to understand the full picture and performance of social.


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